About Us

Mission Statement  

Agape Christian Preschool (ACP) provides a Christian learning environment while nurturing a child’s capacity to grow spiritually, socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively.

We also strive to deepen a child’s commitment to positive Christian values such as kindness, helpfulness and respect for others.

Our goal is to help make the future brighter and better, by educating our children in a positive and warm environment.


ACP was established because of a love for children and a desire to meet their needs. Each child is a valuable gift from God. It is, therefore, our purpose to provide a Christ-centered learning environment in these areas:

SPIRITUAL – nurtures trust in God through day-to-day experiences.

INTELLECTUAL – stimulates interest in exploring and learning with our five senses. Sets the groundwork for a positive attitude toward learning.

SOCIAL – guides the child in cooperating, planning and interacting with peers. Fosters a sense of respect for others and their belongings.

BEHAVIORAL – assists the child in understanding acceptable ways to achieve goals. Guides the child toward the goal of self-control by learning which behaviors are acceptable and which behaviors need to be avoided or modified.

PHYSICAL – improves gross and fine motor coordination through indoor and outdoor activities.

EMOTIONAL – reinforces a positive self-image. Provides a pattern of genuine affection and acceptance, modeled after God’s acceptance and love for us all.

We consider it a privilege, as an outreach ministry of Evangelical Lutheran Church (ELC), to assist parents in raising their children to live happy, well-adjusted, Christ-centered lives.

ACP 3K Brochure

Toddler Time

Toddler Time is a facilitated, adult-child playgroup. The adult of the child is responsible to remain with and supervise the child(ren) including any toileting needs.  ELC of Mt Horeb and/or ACP are not held liable for any child(ren) present in the care of an accompanying adult.  The child(ren) along with the adult move through the session according to the session schedule. (For example, when it is outdoor time, the entire group moves outdoors.)  Because this is a facilitated group, the facilitator interacts with adults and/or children to assure the enjoyment of all participants, and safety of materials and facility.  Agape Toddler Time is a faith-based, Christian environment which will include religious components.  Participation of any adult or child(ren) in Toddler Time is at the discretion of the Toddler Time facilitator, the Agape Director and/or the Agape Board of Directors, and/or ELC Church Council.

Toddler Time Flyer April 2024