“All 4 of my children have participated in the Agape Christian Preschool’s 3-year-old preschool program and thrived.  The staff genuinely cares about each child and strives to make the program a successful experience for them.  The teachers implement motivating and engaging activities that capture the interest and curiosities of the children.  They understand the needs of a 3-year-old; making sure their learning experiences are filled with lots of movement, play and plenty of social opportunities.  I couldn’t have asked for a better preschool experience for my children.”  The Johnson Family

“My family has always felt entirely blessed to be a part of the Agape family, always providing us with comfort while educating our three boys.”  The Preimesberger Family

“Our daughter loves toddler time.  She feels like a “big kid” and has grown so much!  Having the social interaction plus the structured activities has made her blossom!”  The Woolard Family

“Toddler Time is a wonderful program that we have enjoyed for many years now and will continue to enjoy!  My children have all enjoyed the diversity of projects, free play, outside time, circle time and snack.  It’s the perfect first step to get kids ready for interacting with their peers and a daily routine run by someone other than mommy.”  The Seibel Family

“Agape Christian Preschool truly made our son fall in love with school.  The 4K teachers were fantastic and really helped our son be confident and ready for kindergarten!  We couldn’t have had a better experience, or a better first year of school for our son!”   The Vesely Family

“Agape immersed our son in a nurturing learning environment that kept him excited to return each day.  Watching him learn and grow during his year at Agape 4K was exactly what I was hoping for as a parent.”   The Heiting Family

“We have sent all three of our children to Agape. The teachers wonderful and nurturing; from the super shy to the exuberant one.  They have been able to bring out the best in them.  I love the mix of curriculum in learning stories of the bible and being prepared for kindergarten; socially and academically.  We are very thankful to the teachers and staff.”  Becky Schellpfeffer

Agape Christian Preschool has been a tremendous blessing to our family, and I am pleased to endorse this ministry with all my heart. The first of our four boys attended Agape in 2004, followed by each his brothers. Nearly all of the children in my family childcare business have attended Agape, as well, so I have been at Agape twice a week during the school year, for nearly 11 years! I am constantly amazed by the caring professionalism by the teachers, director, and staff at Agape Christian Preschool. They are unfailingly kind and supportive, not only of the children, but also of each child’s family. They even go out of their way to learn the younger siblings’ names and talk with them, as well.

Our boys and all of the children in my care have blossomed while at Agape. They grow in all areas of development, including cognitive, emotional, social, and physical domains. The teachers communicate with us and are attuned to each child’s individual needs. They use developmentally appropriate practice to meet each child where he or she is at, and help him or her achieve and grow, each at his or her own pace. It has been my experience that there are no behavior issues in the classrooms because the teachers provide an environment that fosters clear expectations. The teachers are able to address any potential issues before they may be a concern, all with love. Finally, the children at Agape Christian Preschool grow in their faith. I can still remember our boys coming home and telling us the Bible story they had learned in class that day, nearly word-for-word. We read Bible stories at home, but they did not have the impact that the Christian curriculum at Agape had on them.

Our children are blessed to have attended Agape. What they learned there helped them become kind, creative, (mostly) well-mannered children who will hopefully become caring, responsible, hard-working adults. We are grateful to the teachers and staff at Agape Christian Preschool, as well as the Evangelical Lutheran Church.”  Jennifer Stoddard